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Precision metal processing surface treatment process
Published£º2015-4-10   Views£º1546

Believes that many people can find a problem, whether in where, walking in the street always inadvertently found some hardware product sales shops, and this number is generally not a few. From this phenomenon is not difficult to see, hardware products in the current market demand is how much, is not someone do not profit, enough to illustrate the development of the hardware industry now is what circumstance.

For hardware products, is very high to the requirement of production technology, is a direct impact on the product quality is an important factor. After all these years of development, metal processing also has made great progress on technology, different new technologies also appears in the production and processing.

Here is to simply the precision metal processing technology on the surface treatment process.

1. The painting

This is a lot of precision metal processing factory at the time of processing the finished product will be in one step, especially in some big products used more widely. The existence of the spray paint can not only make the product is not easy to rust, some special paint also can produce some other effects, make product performance better.

2. The plating

This precision metal processing technology is also a kind of more common, by widespread application in the current hardware products processing. The use of this technology for rust resistance on the surface of the product is very good, can let the product in a long period of time can be normal and stable work.

3. The polishing

This precision metal processing technology in the application of some everyday items, especially in some easy pilling and the burr on some of the products, polishing are must go through a step. Is not only in order to maintain the appearance of products, also in order to make the use of the user experience better.

The three kinds of metal processing is now more commonly used three kinds of surface machining method, choose different method according to the demand of the different, is the enterprise must have the right now

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